MARY MAGDALENE: Discerning What’s Yours and What Belongs to Others


Received by Mercedes Kirkel

Question: Mary, whenever I tune into my emotions it seems to me there’s always some sort of pain there. I find it difficult doing the process you have brought to us because it’s time-consuming and there’s always something there. I wonder if I’m picking up pain from somewhere or somebody else.


Mary Magdalene: You may need support for working with this pain.


You certainly can be in choice about when you choose to do this process. At other times, when you’re not choosing to engage this process, you can ask that you be supported in being available for what you need then—whether it’s free attention for your work, emotional peace, or simply to be functional. You certainly can ask.


Many of you have this question: “Am I picking this up from others or is this mine?”


It is always yours.


Accepting this is one of the great challenges of the third dimension. It is also one of the gateways beyond the third dimension.


In the third dimension there is a duality of “mine” and “not mine,” me and everyone or everything else. This duality is a great limit. At some point it will become clear to you it is all yours. There is nothing that is not yours. There is nothing that is not you. But this will be a realization; it won’t be an idea. You can’t believe yourself into this and have it be productive. If you try to come from belief, you will be suppressing yourself and it will actually inhibit your spiritual growth more than it will support it.


The way through is to make an assumption that it is always yours. This is the most direct path. It is also the most empowered path because you are always empowered to work with yourself.


Many of you are familiar with a modern version of a Hawaiian healing practice that was put forth in the last decades. This modern version involved taking 100% responsibility for everything that happens as your own creation. This is a valuable spiritual practice.


This practice of taking 100% responsibility must always be done with feeling. If it becomes a burden or a stick you are beating yourself with, it is not supporting you. That is a sign that it is not the practice you need at this time. You need a different practice. This may be a valuable form of practice for periods of time or it may not be, but the understanding behind it is quite valuable.


Always begin with yourself.


This is the creation process. As you move into the fourth dimension you are becoming more conscious creators. In your third-dimensional world, you can lay the foundation for this by assuming that all that you experience is your creation. Then you can work with yourself relative to that creation. Are you happy with the creation? Do you wish to change that creation? What is holding you to that creation? What are your blocks to what you would like the creation to be? This is the beginning. It is a shift into full responsibility, full ownership for what is manifesting.


Many of you are very locked into third-dimensional thinking. I do not say this as a judgment. It is simply the way you have been trained. It is simply what has been most prevalent in your world for most of you. There is a tendency associated with third-dimensional consciousness to connect responsibility with blame. You tend to think that if you are responsible that means it’s your fault. You think you have done something wrong and the corollary is you’d better fix it. All of this is what is to be purified.


It is not a blame of you that you are experiencing whatever you are experiencing. It is not some higher authority angry at you and demanding that you change it—not even the higher authority of your internal mind and brain that you may have created for yourself.


It is so important to start with the Feminine. The connection to your body, emotions, and sexuality is so important, because this is what will open your heart. Without that heart opening it is almost inevitable that the development of your mind will turn into rightness and wrongness, blame, judgment, harshness, pain, wounding.


So begin with the basics just as a child begins with the basics. Begin with loving your body. Begin with loving your sexuality and emotions. If you need help with processing the painful emotions which must also be loved and included—because they are there for your help, also—get the help that you need. Get the support that you need. Then it will become easeful. It will become natural if you make a commitment to it.


Most of you are going through a great process of shedding the training you have received, the consciousness you have received, the habits you have received. There is work involved in that. It is a practice and it requires your intention and energy to do it. Pray and ask for help. Pray and ask for what you need. It will be given.


Know that you are doing very, very well.


Questioner: Thank you.


Mary Magdalene: You are welcome.


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  • To me this is one of the most loving and empowering messages, offered by Mary Magdalene. I fully resonate with it and the work is in full swing, I’m winging it, what a flight! The scenery is great though, from high up here 😉

  • Connie Huebner:

    I know I’m not there yet because my first impulse is to ‘show’ this to my husband and possibly my son. LOL. I detect an element of blame going on here….

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