MARY MAGDALENE: Kundalini and Energy-Body Mastery

Image by Adityamadhav83

Image by Adityamadhav83

Received by Mercedes Kirkel

Question: I recently experienced a kundalini awakening but I don’t really know what it’s for. Could you please talk a little bit about that?


Mary Magdalene: Yes. The kundalini is a very important part of your energy system. This is part of what the training was in the mystery schools—the development of the full energy body and system, including the kundalini.


Ultimately the kundalini is for carrying you into higher dimensions and opening up higher centers within yourself that are going to be required as you move into those higher dimensions.


Sometimes the kundalini is activated spontaneously. Oftentimes when that happens it is not a full activation; it is a partial activation. A partial activation can happen when the structures or vessel for the kundalini are not fully prepared. This is why there can be effects that can be challenging from a spontaneous kundalini awakening, such as confusion or disorientation.


It is valuable to have a guide or teacher for this kind of process.


Question: Mary, when you speak of effects of kundalini in a temple that’s not yet ready, are there specific things we see manifested?


Mary Magdalene: Illness; problems with the nervous system being too activated; or a feeling of being burned out. Your systems may become out of synch such that it’s hard to sleep or you don’t know what to eat. The things you used to eat don’t seem to work anymore; you can’t find the right foods; your connection to the physical and nurturance through your food gets out of synch with your energy body.


There can be confusion. There can be an opening of the mind, the mental centers, in ways that perhaps you don’t understand, or that might even seem scary, or just confusing, and you’re not sure how to integrate them.


There can be effects such as ringing in the ears, balance problems, many things.


I hate to sound like a broken record, but the vessel for supporting the kundalini is created through the development of your emotional body. The emotional body is extremely aligned to your energy body—the foundation of the energy body is in the emotional body. This is another major reason why emotional development is so important for you. It’s necessary so you can be prepared to activate your energy body, and thus shift from the physical into the energy body. This is why I emphasize the emotional and energetic work.


The energetic work is bigger than sacred sexuality, but sacred sexuality is a valuable part of it. This does not require that you be practicing with a partner. You all are sexual beings with sexual energy. Making use of your sexual energy for spiritual growth is very valuable.


But the energetic work is bigger than that. It has to do with the heart. It has to do with the center of the brain—the pineal chakra, pineal gland, and the third eye. The activation and alignment of all these parts allows you to ultimately be able to activate your Merkaba. Your Merkaba is for your safety, protection, ease, and help as you move into the higher dimensions.


There is a progression for all of this that is safe, gentle, and dependable. This is what I recommend to people. It begins with the development and the mastery of the physical body and the emotions. From there you are ready to begin the next level of the energetic progression and ultimately the energetic mastery at your level.


Is what I have offered helpful?


Questioner: Yes.


Will there be a time when we know that we’re ready for the next level, physically and in our heart space?


Mary Magdalene: You will know in the heart space. If you are not able to enter into the heart space it is a sign that there is more preparatory work to do. When you are able to enter into the heart space and specifically to open what Mercedes has been referencing as the “inner temple of the heart,” this is the gateway. This is part of the safety that is built in. You will not be able to pass through that gateway until the preparation is complete.


This is something that Mercedes can help you with. She has great mastery and great ability in helping others with this. She understands this. We have asked her to be one who supports others in completing this and traversing this passageway.


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