MARY MAGDALENE: Experiencing Higher Dimensions

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Received by Mercedes Kirkel

Question: Throughout my life I’ve had wondrous experiences that lasted from a few seconds to three-and-a-half days. I call them my “real life” experiences. Since you talk about dimensions, maybe I have to look at it as if I lived in those moments in another dimension.


Mary Magdalene: Yes.


Questioner: How I explain it is that I saw the building blocks of the universe in everything and it was pure oneness, pure love, pure God. I also ask, “So what? What do I do with that?”


Mary Magdalene: It does sound like you were experiencing higher dimensions. Those kinds of experiences can be gifts. They can be given as a window, a taste, to support what you might call inspiration for further growth. If they do not last it is a sign that there is more foundational work to do for those to become your ground of being, what you might call your default home. At some point that will be your ongoing reality, just as what most people call the third dimension is the ongoing reality of most beings on the Earth at this time.


But there are very clear foundational and progressive steps that are necessary for that to become an ongoing reality. It is why I talk about emotions so much, because for many people that is one of the steps that they have not fulfilled. Many people may not even have barely begun. There are other foundational steps, as well.


In your world, healing shame is a big one. Many people who are quite developed in the spiritual process have not yet dealt with what is arising as shame in their experience. Most often it is shame relative to their physical body or shame relative to sexuality. This may seem quite humble. It may even seem to some people as unspiritual. But as I said before, every experience you are having is your ongoing creation. The next step for most human beings is to realize that you are always creating your reality, and the one you are currently creating is the one that is perfect for your next steps of growth.


So while some people would prefer to have more blissful experiences as the focus of their spiritual life, in fact that is not what is really required for their growth. What is required for your growth—for each of you—is exactly what is manifesting in your life, because that is what you are creating. And I say that with great love and respect. I do not say that as trying to make you feel lesser or somehow put down. It is simply the way this reality works. Coming to that can seem difficult or painful or somehow disheartening, if people are in resistance to it.


The idea that this world is not a spiritual place is a suppression of the Feminine. The Feminine is all of manifestation, which very much includes this world. The Feminine is just as divine as the Masculine. So your divinity is not somewhere else. Actually, it is both somewhere else and also completely here. That understanding and realization is the uniting of the Masculine and Feminine, which many people are moving toward. An essential step of it is the complete embrace of your experience and yourself as absolutely God, even in your current state. Even coming to that idea can be a great step of growth.


This world and your current experience is not exclusively God, but the subtle or the transcendent is not exclusively God either. It is the embrace of the entire possibility that is All God. I hope that is helpful.


Questioner: Thank you. Yes.


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