MARY MAGDALENE: Your Life Reflects Your Spirituality

Received by Mercedes Kirkel

Question: I think it’s very helpful to be practical in my spirituality. Can you talk about that?


Mary Magdalene: What does that mean to you, to be practical in your spirituality?


Questioner: That the life I am living reflects my spirituality.


Mary Magdalene: Yes, I very much agree. Your life reflects your spirituality and it is also the great opportunity of your spirituality.


You are being given an immense gift to be physically incarnated. There are many beings who long for this opportunity. You have the opportunity for tremendous growth, which is so much more difficult to achieve without physical embodiment. This is an amazing gift, yet it also comes with challenges, most definitely. This is not an easy place. It is potentially a place of great suffering, as well as great joy. But I absolutely agree that each one’s life here is a complete reflection of your spirituality.


The amazing part is that you are all having very different experiences of reality, yet most of the time you think everyone is having the same experience you are! (Mary laughs.) That is part of the amazingness of this realm. And it all works together. It all fits. Many of you have the idea of how phenomenal the human body is, how many parts there are that are interacting and working together for an unbelievable number of functions and activities to sustain human life. Yet that is the tiniest microcosm of what’s happening in your world, on the Earth, in the third dimension, not to mention other places in the third dimension and other dimensions. It is absolutely incredible.


There’s a very, very big picture to all of this, very big. But there’s also a very small picture, you might say (Mary laughs). Not really small, but it might seem so in relation to the big picture. In this “small picture,” exactly what’s happening in each person’s life is very much a reflection of their spirituality—or in even more practical terms, it’s a reflection of their creation.


Spirituality can be a rather nebulous thing, partly because it means different things to different people. Some describe it as manifesting love and light. I would agree with that. I would also say there are steps and stages. This is really what the dimensions are, steps and stages. There is a certain stage that most of you are experiencing at the third dimension. Looking at your life and the practical nature of your life is a very excellent way of coming to clarity about the spiritual process, particularly in this dimension. That is, I would agree, very practical. I lean towards the Feminine and the Feminine tends to be very practical.


Does that answer your question?


Questioner: Yes.

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