MARY MAGDALENE: Healing Body Shame


Received by Mercedes Kirkel


Question: I have a question about the process that occurs when we heal the deeper wounds of our inner Masculine and Feminine, which I understand allows a natural union to take place. Could you speak of what that union may be like?


Mary Magdalene: This is where you are all being led. This union is a tremendous ecstasy.


It is why you are willing to do the healing of the Masculine and Feminine. Many of you—probably all of you—have had a certain degree of experiencing this union for glimpses or periods of time. This motivates you to have that union become your ongoing reality.


The healing of the inner Feminine and Masculine depends on where your wounding is, how much wounding there is, and what is being blocked. So the course will be different, depending on all of that. It also depends how much mastery there is, primarily of the first three chakras, and how much more mastery is required.


Many of you have been given a tremendous amount of training in the third chakra. The part of your world that doesn’t include the spiritual, which is separated from the spiritual, which you might call “non-spiritual,” is very dedicated to the arenas involved in the third chakra and third chakra mastery. This includes the lower mind, will, intention, and power. Most of you have been given access to tremendous tools in these areas. You may be at different places relative to your own personal mastery and completion of that work, but most of you are very in touch with the process of achieving mastery relative to the third chakra. You’re clear about what it is and understand how to access the help you need for completing your mastery at that level.


The first and second chakras are much less developed for many of you. And the way to mastery is much less clear.


The first chakra is the chakra of the physical body. Mastery of this chakra is not just about becoming healed in your physical body, although that is certainly part of it (if there is physical healing to do). It is also not just about becoming strong and competent in your physical body, although that can certainly be supportive. It is mostly about relating to your body as a temple. For many of you, a key aspect of this is healing shame that you carry relative to your body.


If you are ever in a circumstance of being without clothing—clothed by God—for many of you, this brings up pain and conflict. For many of you, having others see you in your physical body, not in clothing but simply in your physical body, is difficult. This is a sign of the shame you carry.


This shame relative to your body is a great block. For many, it’s connected to deep wounding. This is the level that many of you have not yet completed. When it’s completed your relationship to your body can be completely sacred, where you see your body as every bit as divine as anything else you hold as sacred. You see it manifesting God every bit as as much as you relate to me manifesting God, or Yeshua, or any being who you see God in.


You must see that in yourself as well. As you see it in yourself, you will start to see it in all. It is inevitable. This is a place of completion for many of you, where you have more work to do to attain the mastery that is required.


Many of you in your world spend a great deal of time trying to create an image of yourself that you feel happy with, whether it’s through your hair, makeup, clothing, jewelry, shoes…. This tends to be more true of women than of men, but it is not always the case. There are many aspects to this that actually consume quite a bit of energy for many of you. If you contemplate going without this, letting go of this, you will notice there is often fear there—fear of being loved, fear of being accepted, even fear of being included in your world. All of this is a sign there is healing to do.


Beauty is a wonderful thing. Adorning your body is a wonderful thing. It is not that I am calling you to be ascetics or to go with nothing, although that is certainly a possibility, if that feels most supportive to you. But that is not my primary message.


My primary message is to let the beauty that you adorn your body with come out of joy. Let it express the joy of your God connection. Let it come out of the joy of adorning your temple—as opposed to shame and fear, or trying to cover up something that is not good enough, not lovable, not acceptable.


I have great sadness that so many feel this kind of shame in relation to their bodies. I see all of physical manifestation as tremendously beautiful. All of it carries the creation of God, the manifestation of God in form.


I am not calling you to be joyful from your mind as a belief. I am calling you to do this through your body and emotions, to heal whatever may be a block to that joy.


An example of this might be a very young child—often before the age of five, and perhaps younger than that—who has a naturalness, a love of their body as an extension of the physical world. This is not based on an idea in their mind that they should love their body, that it is the spiritual thing to do to love their body, that their body is God. Their mind doesn’t tend to be that developed at that stage. It is a very natural physical response, which all of you had until you received other messages and training.


The messages and training that many of you received about your body created a tremendous spiritual blockage. You came here to experience physical reality, to experience manifestation in a physical body. This is a part of your path, to embrace the physical and merge with it as pure God-communion.


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