YESHUA: The Spiritual Process of Incarnating on Earth


Received by Mercedes Kirkel


Yeshua: This is Yeshua speaking.


From the Masculine point of view, nothing is more wonderful than abiding as pure consciousness.


From the Masculine point of view, there is absolutely no difference between the pure Feminine, absolute love, and the pure Masculine, complete consciousness. They are two sides of the mirror, two sides of the coin. You are always already both.


In some sense there is nothing to attain, as many of your spiritual practices have suggested.


But you have all chosen to come into this manifest form, where your consciousness is limited. You consciously chose, and through that choice you manifested. Now your consciousness is reflecting the manifestation that you chose.


This is a bit of a sticky wicket, you might say. There is a part of you that remembers something higher. That part of you is your higher self. That part of you is calling you to change your consciousness, and through that your manifestation. It is calling you to change your manifestation, and through that your consciousness.


Your higher self is calling you to this spiritual process. All are called. All are actually responding in their own way and their own form that is right for them at this time. It is for each of you to respond. You can’t help but do it. You are doing it.


Yet in the third dimension you have free will. So part of your journey in this third dimension is to engage your free will to support this wonderful process of uniting in and as God. It doesn’t make sense to your mind. I recommend listening to your heart and your consciousness. Let that be your guide.


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3 Responses to “YESHUA: The Spiritual Process of Incarnating on Earth”

  • Thank you so much for your message of love and light for this Christmas and saying youwhat Christmas means to you. I identify with your words. And thank for that beautiful video of Leonard Cohen’s Hallelujah. It was just what I needed this morning to start out on the right track. I have enjoyed your weekly newsletter for a long time.
    much love and light to you

  • Thank you for a beautiful message, shared by Jeshua. Recently I’ve come upon some ponderings by a highly knowledgable woman called Inelia Benz, who made some interesting remarks about the Higher Self and the possibility of a status quo, as in staying asleep, due to our Higher Self keeping it that way. She explained her view, that the Higher Self needs, at times, to be coaxed to change its stance and allow development and growth of the spirit being residing in a physical human body.

    I’ve got an elder brother, who’s spirit being is asleep to this day, his 69th year, due to being left alone in hospital after birth, with extreme eczema, losing his facial expression at some point.

    The nurses were perceptive and gave notice to my mother, who was a fully trained nurse. She came to the rescue and took her son home, while the doctor yelled “This will mean the death of your baby”.

    Later, at the age of 25 or so, he developed a nervous breakdown and was taken to an asylum. He only begged to see his mother and when she arrived he ran into her arms, a baby again. So very sad. She took him home, for he would’ve died or gone far worse, in the asylum.

    He managed to find a strong rock, his wife, and became a father of 3 children, working a routine of 9-17 in a technical company, safe from the harsness of life and always avoiding situations that caused emotional disturbance. He’s a young boy to me, too sweet and innocent for this world.

    Until this day, he needs a strong hand and support, to move through the daily routines and to go out and about, doing excersizes and going on holidays. He uses to say “I’ve lost my spirit” and I think it’s spot on.

    It’s awful, that this abandonment occurred in his first weeks after birth, being treated for eczema, in hospital, for he’s gone asleep since that time and nobody can wake him up unless the urge to wake up is coming from inside. At least, that’s how I perceive it.

    I do love my eldest brother very much and therefore I leave him at peace in that sleep. But at times, it’s heartbreaking and a deep learning curve for all his other 7 siblings too. They’ve all stopped seeing him on a regular basis and so he’s confirmed, again, in being abandoned. So sad!

  • After reading my former comment I felt that I forgot something. There’s a bright side to my brother’s condition too and that’s his decision to stop all medication, 2 years ago. At least, he’s got his personality back and his sense of humour and the feeling that he’s more himself, also his own normal voice as I knew it, 15 years before treatment with medication began, has returned. And he’s become a grandfather this month too!
    Which is a beautiful gift of life and a joy to hold it, for my brother.

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