Mary Magdalene in France 2017

Received by Mercedes Kirkel

This is the first part of the channeling that was given in the Magdalene Cave in France, during this year’s MAGDALENE HEART PATH IN FRANCE retreat. (The voices in the background during the last few minutes are people who were outside the cave. I never heard them until I listened to the recording later!)



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3 Responses to “Mary Magdalene in France 2017”

  • Dear Mercedes, how beautiful this message is. So gentle and yet powerful.
    I can hear the echo in the cave adding a special quality to this message.
    The fact that you channel while in nature is somehow appropriate with
    Mary Magdalene’s energy, her vibration. I feel her so closely connected
    with nature, which is in human nature as well. Presenting this channeling
    in a video with your voice is a very good choice I feel. Although it may
    happen that a written one is appropriate at times, too.
    This video is precious to me, for I feel the energy, hear the chirping
    of insects, sense the space in that cave. I’m familiar with that part
    of France, mainly near Mont Segur, where I stayed in 2001 for a visit.
    I still remember stepping out of the car after going up..up..up.. in
    pitch blackness with the car-lights sweeping over green roadsides.
    The first breath I took, standing high on a mountain, in Serrelongue,
    was tingling in my nose and lungs and when I looked up at the
    magnificent starry sky, I burst into tears. Such clarity. Blessings
    on your heart.

  • Thank you so much, for this beautiful channeling, I’m coming back to it and feel so inspired and comforted. I love you very much, Mary Magdalene for this wisdom and simplicity in describing the process we’re living now and Mercedes, for your opening up to this loving kindness that includes down-to-earth-ness.
    Blessings on your hearts.

  • Thank you Mary Magdalene for reminding me that “this is a process” as I sometimes get impatient with my purpose/gifts…Loving the video version Mercedes!

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