MARY MAGDALENE: Let the Feminine Lead

Image By Giorgio Martini

Image By Giorgio Martini

Received by Mercedes Kirkel
On July 28, 2014

Question: I seek greater balance, understanding, and connection to the love and worship of Mother Creator and to add love to my own soul. Sometimes I’m in balance with that and other times the blocks seem overwhelming to be healed.

Mary Magdalene: That’s because you are trying to heal them. You need to receive them. That’s your gift in the moment—something that is difficult or painful, those times that aren’t blissful or easeful or whatever. At those times, you think, “Oh, this must be something I need to fix. I need to do something to make this go away so I can get back to that wonderful, blissful, easeful space.” But that is not accurate.

What you need to do is receive the gift of the block. That is the perfect gift being given to you in that moment. And for many, many, many at this time, the greatest fear is to open to that. Yet opening to that is exactly what you need. Usually it will be an emotion that you are ultimately opening to—some great fear, some great pain, some tremendous loss, anger—whatever it is.

Then you must become skilled in the pathway of traversing where you need to go when you open to that emotion. It is not enough simply to open to the emotion without skill. You need skill. This is what I was teaching, or doing my best to teach, through the first book of Mary Magdalene Beckons. The pain is calling you to the place within yourself that has become cut off from God. Learn that skill, that practice, that pathway. Then you can use the painful emotion to reconnect yourself from your dissociation, your divorce from God. That is where your healing will occur, rather than in the way you tend to be thinking about it at this time.

Questioner: It’s been a very mental training of learning “What is the lesson of this? How do I release this? What do I do?” It’s like trying to manage my own receiving. It’s very exhausting.

Mary Magdalene: Yes! This is the Masculine way. (laughing) What I’m inviting you to is the Feminine way, which is the organic way. It is not entirely organic for you anymore because you have all been cut off from it. If that had not happened it would be very natural for you. But now you must apply yourself to it. And that is the real healing—to heal the blocks that have been implanted within yourself to this organic process, which will lead you to that Masculine understanding. But let the Feminine lead. That is the natural way.

The French have this wonderful expression: “Cherche la femme.” There is great wisdom in that. Follow the Feminine. Follow your body. Follow your emotions. Let it take you to your wholeness within, your inner divinity, to the healing that needs to happen there. Then quite of its own accord, the understanding, the insight, the lesson will be there for you. It will be offered to you freely and easily. And you will be back in harmony, strength, and union.

This is the pathway. It will not exhaust you. It will energize you. This will be one of the signs that you are on the path. When something is exhausting you, it is a sign that this is not the way. It is like swimming upstream. It is exhausting. It’s trying to tell you to turn around. Go the other way.

I am not explaining the full pathway at this time, because I have done that to a great extent through the communications in the book. Begin with that. If that is not clear, get help from one such as Mercedes, who understands this now and can help others. It is a great support and one that is so needed. When you become strong in it, you will become a helper to others. You will become a teacher. This is how it will spread.

Questioner: Thank you.

Mary Magdalene: You are most welcome. Thank you.


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