MARY MAGDALENE: The Meaning of “Blessed Are the Meek”

By Carly & Art from Washington, DC (Gamboling lamboling!)

By Carly & Art from Washington, DC (Gamboling lamboling!)

Received by Mercedes Kirkel
On July 28, 2014

Question: I was a student of the biblical scriptures and I love the words of Jesus. I was once told by Archangel Michael that there was a lot of tampering with the scriptures but that the words of Jesus were for the most part preserved. I would like you to comment on the statement “Blessed are the meek, for they shall inherit the earth.” To me it seems like he’s talking to the heart-based Feminine.


MaryMagdalene: The Feminine is not meek (laughing). This is a misunderstanding.


Questioner: Please elaborate.


MaryMagdalene: I would say that this is one of the passages that have been altered.


It has more to do with what you choose to get involved with. There are those who are very involved with what you might call earthly things. And there are those who are drawn to various things, and amongst those might be God and union with God. But there is nothing meek about this. Nothing could be stronger.


This was something that was used and altered to change the original meaning. The original meaning was “Blessed are those who are drawn to God more strongly than all of the involvements of the third dimension.” For most, being drawn to God is a process. It is a process within one’s life and it is a process over lifetimes.


There is a purpose in being incarnate. Your purpose is not supported by dissociating oneself from incarnation. To do that is to deny the gifts of being incarnate. This is a spiritual misunderstanding that many have had that has held you back, that has made you meek.


Whatever circumstance you are in, that is the gift before you. You do not need to change your circumstance and truly you do not need to change yourself. You simply need to receive the gift of that circumstance—deeply, profoundly—to the point that it opens your heart. It may even feel as though it is breaking your heart. But it is ultimately ecstasy and opening. That is the process.


So you do not need to become strong; you do not need to become meek. You do not need to be this; you do not need to be that. You need to open to what you are and what is presenting to you, because that is the perfect form of the gift for you right now, for your greater God communion.


Ultimately it is all God. It is not “This is God and this is not. This is the path and this is not.” It is all God. But until you realize that—not just think it but actually realize that—it will appear that some is God, some is not; some is “the way,” some is not. That is part of the illusion. But as long as it does appear that way, receive the gift. Receive what is happening to you right now in your life and let it open you to the growth that will bring you beyond this, to the greater union with God. That is the gift of incarnation in this realm.


It is actually so much simpler than so many realize. So much of your thinking complicates it so much more than it is. It is actually right in front of you, right here, right now. It is the bill that needs to be paid, the child that needs to be loved, the tooth that needs to be fixed—whatever it is. It’s always being given to you. God is infinitely gracious, always trying again and again through every moment to reach you and help you for exactly what you need.


Has this been of help to you?


Questioner: Yes.


Mary Magdalene: I am glad.


©2014 Mercedes Kirkel,, All Rights Reserved.


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