MARY MAGDALENE: Our Role and Yours

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An Excerpt from Mercedes Kirkel’s Forthcoming Book

Mary Magdalene: Yeshua and I came to change the course of humanity. Humanity had been on a course of descent into manifestation over many millennia, which had taken humans from the highest planes down into the depths of the third dimension.


The third dimension is a school for learning about power. The setting for this school of the third dimension is physical embodiment, where beings believe in death and insufficiency—that there isn’t “enough” for everyone. Thus, people turn to power over others, fueled by competition, to survive and thrive.


Yeshua and I came to turn this trajectory of descension into ascension. We came to turn humanity’s course around into moving back into the higher dimensions, beginning with the fourth dimension.


The fourth dimension is a different kind of school, where the focus of learning is on manifestation or creation. The setting for the fourth-dimensional school is one’s light body and the etheric realm, like you experience when you dream. In the fourth dimension, beings are learning to consciously create the reality they want, which is ultimately a reality of love.


There are real changes that must occur in individuals and in your world for this change from 3D to 4D to happen. It’s not just a matter of believing certain things. It’s a change at the level of physics.


Part of what this shift required was the manifestation of the Divine Masculine and Feminine in physical embodiment. So Yeshua and I manifested into the Earth plane two thousand years ago. That was the beginning of what you might call “the incarnation phase” of our work.


The crucifixion was the culmination or completion of that phase of our work. It was a profound, energetic implanting of this new direction or course into the Earth realm. We were both prepared to do this, through many lifetimes of spiritual training, along with our training in that lifetime. And we were supported by others who were also prepared.


During the crucifixion, the vertical pole became a kind of “lightning rod” for Yeshua to bring down divine light. He then alchemically combined that light with his essence and life-force, and sent his transformed life-force down into the Earth—to be held by the Earth for all time.


Your Earth is alive. She is literally the Divine Mother in this plane. And She, Mother Earth, agreed to receive this higher energy, to feed humanity with it, and to anchor this shift into this realm.


My part during the crucifixion was to empower and strengthen Yeshua to do his work, through feeding him with my love and prayers. I did this in concert with Lady Mary (who many call “mother Mary”). It was necessary for us to support him in this way, in order for the process to be effective. This, too, was an alchemical process. It was all part of the greater process. We fed Yeshua with our love, empowering him to impart his life-force, imbued with divine light, into the Earth.


There’s a spiritual ceremony in the native American tradition that some of you are familiar with called sun dance. In this ceremony, individuals lash themselves to a tree for three days and nights, foregoing food and water, and praying the whole time. They do this to receive guidance and transformation from Spirit. As they undergo this ceremony, others support them in various ways, including praying for them.


Thinking of the sun dance may help you to understand what Yeshua and I were doing in the crucifixion, for there are similarities. It was an intentional spiritual process, for the sake of the Earth and its beings. Yeshua gave his life-force to activate a new direction on the Earth. And I, along with Lady Mary, empowered him to do so through our profound devotion and prayer.


What has come to be called “the resurrection” (in the Christian tradition) was Yeshua showing himself in his light body. This is the form you’ll all have in the fourth dimension, like you do when you dream. Yeshua was showing humanity where you’re headed. You don’t need to physically die to do this. It’s your attachment to the third dimension that must die.


You’re now the leaders of this movement. You must do the real work within yourself of releasing all your attachment to the third dimension—including power over others, which the third dimension is rooted in. You must replace this with the real skills for living and creating in the fourth-dimensional way. There are ones among you who know how to do this and want to help you. Make use of their help and let this become your reality.


We ‘ve done our part. The seed is planted. It’s waiting for you, whenever you’re ready.


We love you and support you in your most beautiful journey of love, your journey into the light.




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