Hope for the Middle East and All of Us

[From Mercedes: This is reprinted from the Zohar Shalom School of Esoteric Studies (https://zess.co.il/). This piece brought me deeper understanding and light around the most recent outbreak of violence in the Middle East. May it also bring understanding and light to you.]
The war in the middle east is as old as the tale of Cain and Abel
The sin of vanity and the ever-lasting hell of feeling rejected and banned
One was murdered the other exiled
One of the hardest feelings to feel and meddle through is rejection
Ascending that feeling into love is the path back home to the divine
God never preferred Abel, he was never the chosen one or better, he simply accepted his offering
God never rejected Cain, he just gave him a different path to love
Overcoming pain, anger and vengeance is a divine quality available for mankind, yet not always acted upon
No brother was chosen to be the one, they were each given a path to humility and acceptance of their place in creation, the home of love
Overcoming the feeling of alleged superiority and alleged rejection
The path out of the cycle of violence and victimhood is ascension
Abraham left his sons one of the most complicated inheritances to rise above
Just like God’s actions towards Cain and Abel, Abrahams actions towards his sons were never personal
The potential for true love and compassion are treasured deep in the two son’s hearts, waiting to bloom as they transcend beyond comparisons, beyond vanity, beyond the sense of rejection, and beyond competition and war to conquer entitlement
When the root is rejection, no amount of land will ever compensate
When the root is vanity, no place will ever be safe
We are all chosen for something and by someone
We are all loved, and we all need to ascend, beyond history, mythology, our pain, and our self-importance
There is no way out of karma but humility and love
The longer we fight the longer and painful the journey
We have journeyed long
It is time to surrender to forgiveness
Forgiveness for feeling betrayed or casted away, forgiveness for feeling rejected or less loved or wanted. It is time to shed the need of superiority keeping us rejected and alone constantly fighting for survival, fighting to feel safe and forgive ourselves for getting lost and trapped in self-importance, creating violence and pain
All children of this world are beautiful, the ones born first, second or third, all represent a truth about creation
God does not prefer one child over another, he just gives them different paths to reach divine unconditional love within themselves
There is no one way to God or love, different plants need different conditions to bloom
If the orchid envies the sunflower for all the light it gets, it will never feel at home, and if the sunflower feels superior for getting more light it is only a reflection of its ignorance, creating violence and never feeling safe
Sometimes looking to the sides, someone’s path looks shinier and we rebel. This rebellion leaves us banned from the treasures created for us, war comes and we are all left poor and crippled
Cain and Abel, Isaak and Ishmael
It is time to transcend
It is time to ascend
The love is not for us to fight over
It is for us to find within ourselves and share
There is enough love for everyone
It is time to find a home within that love
It is the only true safe place in this world

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