MARY MAGDALENE: The Necessity Of Uniting The Masculine And Feminine For Ascension

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Received by Mercedes Kirkel

Question: Why is uniting the Masculine and Feminine important?


Mary Magdalene: We have spoken about this a great deal in the past. Yet we know that this is something that is new for many people and there may be people who have not heard what we have said in the past. So we are happy to explain, as best we can, in a way that will work for all.


The first thing to understand is that uniting the Masculine and Feminine takes place on so many levels. When we talk about the union of the Masculine and Feminine, we’re talking about a very multi-level, multi-dimensional process. First and foremost, we’re talking about receiving the divine in its fullest form. We’re talking about relating to the divine—and to God as a name for the divine—as both Masculine and Feminine, completely in union with each other.


This is very familiar to some of you. To some of you it is less familiar. One example in your world is the yin-yang symbol, which conveys the idea that everything is the union of Masculine and Feminine. This includes everything in manifestation, and everything in the higher dimensions, all the way up to the pure expression of the divine in its source form. Everything is the Masculine and the Feminine.


Yet for a very, very long period of time there has been a bias in your world toward the Masculine and a suppression of the Feminine, such that many of you, without even realizing it, are tending to be imbalanced.


For the most part, you who are incarnating on the Earth at this time are tending to be more oriented towards the Masculine, both outside of yourself and within yourself. And you are tending to be less connected to the Feminine.


Even among those of you who think you are connected to the Feminine, oftentimes there are ways that your programming has affected you. You may not even realize it, yet you are still coming from a more Masculine orientation.


Part of our work at this time is to help people understand how you are still being affected by this program that has been running on the Earth for so long of obscuring the Feminine and presenting things in a predominantly Masculine way. For example, in your spirituality many of you have been taught to relate to God in a Masculine way, such that you hear the word “God” as meaning Masculine, which it does not. It means the Masculine and Feminine divine. Of course it is just a word and everyone relates to words differently. Most likely when you hear that word it will bring up whatever your programming is. If you have been programmed to relate to God as Masculine, then when you hear the word “God,” you will very likely think of a Masculine being.


In fact, God is neither Masculine nor Feminine. It is also true that God is completely Masculine and completely Feminine. All of those are true and there is no conflict between any of them. As you evolve in your spiritual consciousness, this will become more and more clear, and more and more simple to all of you. Depending on each individual and their process, this may now be more or less clear, more or less simple or complex. We hope to help you with this understanding because this is a very important part of the ascension process.


When we talk about the ascension process, we’re talking about a grand transition that beings on Earth and the Earth itself are in the process of right now. This process involves moving into the higher dimensions, beginning with the fourth dimension. Part of what is going to allow all of you to make this transition is through uniting the Masculine and Feminine. You might say it is a prerequisite.


Another way to look at it is that accomplishing the uniting of the Masculine and Feminine is your gateway for this transition to the fourth dimension. And first and foremost, this uniting happens within each one of you. That is the most important place for this union to happen.


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