MARY MAGDALENE: What Is the Divine Masculine?

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Received by Mercedes Kirkel

Mary Magdalene: Each of you have your own inner Masculine and Feminine. We’re not referring to men or women as a gender, because all men and women have their Masculine and Feminine within. We’re addressing all gendered beings, understanding that everyone has their Masculine and Feminine. You may be more in touch with one, or less in touch with the other, but you all have your Masculine and Feminine.


There is a more ordinary sense of the Masculine and Feminine that many of you are familiar with. But there is a higher form, or what you might call an exalted form. That is when you’re connecting to your sacred Masculine or Feminine, your Divine Masculine and Feminine.


The sacred Masculine, or Divine Masculine, is really the quality of pure transcendence. It’s what you might call transcendental being. It is prior to space and time. It’s prior to all manifestation. It has a kind of complete purity about it.


One way of understanding the pure quality of the Divine Masculine—which many of you have experienced—is that it’s what people seek to experience in meditation. Some people describe this state as peace, quiet, or stillness.


In various of your spiritual traditions there have been references or names given to this state, such as “the Self,” “the witness,” or “witness consciousness.” These are some of the references people are familiar with for the Divine Masculine. I’m not thinking of other names in this moment but I’m sure you are familiar with them.


The Eastern traditions, and in particular traditions such as Buddhism and Hinduism, have very much focused on this aspect of the divine (the transcendental or Divine Masculine aspect) as something to attain. Oftentimes these traditions have tried to support people in connecting with the Divine Masculine by suggesting that people only connect with the Divine Masculine, and not connect with the Divine Feminine. We’re suggesting something different. Nonetheless, these traditions have been a great support for people in connecting with the quality of the Divine Masculine and reaching the transcendent.


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