MARY MAGDALENE: Traveling to Other Dimensions

Received by Mercedes Kirkel

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MARY MAGDALENE: (continuing from previous post) The other reason for activating your merkaba is that it supports you in traveling between the dimensions—but only if you choose. You will not be out of control, suddenly traveling to dimensions you do not want to be traveling to.

In the beginning traveling to other dimensions is usually not something most people will choose to do. It is certainly not necessary, other than moving into the fourth dimension. I do suggest you begin to make use of moving into the fourth dimension and practicing from there, because that will be a contribution to all beings at this time, including yourself. Your accessing the fourth dimension, integrated with your heart, is valuable to all. The merkaba will help you with that.

It may feel scary to contemplate traveling to other dimensions. You may have beliefs that this is connected to dark energies or dark beings who use these kind of processes. Perhaps such beliefs are supported by ideas that have been instilled through your media or religions, or potentially ideas you are still carrying from past-life experiences.

In truth, these energies have been misused in the past. One of the most clear and strong situations where that occurred was in Atlantis. Many beings who have incarnated at this time to contribute as light-workers to the transition that human beings are going through were also present in Atlantis. Many have memory of this kind of power being misused. That is not the only time it has ever been misused. But that is one particularly potent time, of which many people have past-life connection to and memories or a sense of.

Experiences of this kind of misuse are a growth process. Like any growth process, such as a child learning, you will make mistakes. You learn from those mistakes and that makes you strong. Then you take that strength and try again. This is what I encourage.

The merkaba, in and of itself, is a very safe thing. It is as safe as your chakras. It is simply part of your energetic potential, which you are probably not making use of at this time and probably not that familiar with, or have not even heard of.

There can be fear and suspicion because of that unfamiliarity or foreign-ness. Ask for safety and clarity that engaging your merkaba is right for you. Pursue what you need to have that safety and clarity.

I hope that what I have said has contributed to that.

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