My Near Death Experience

By Mercedes Kirkel

This week I had a near death experience (NDE). That’s a first for me, though I’ve heard accounts of others having an NDE.


Mine was pretty short. It happened while I was asleep—or more accurately, I was asleep until I had the NDE. Some have suggested it was merely a dream, but I don’t think so. It was extremely vivid and real, and I felt totally lucid.


It started with my mother coming to me. My mother died seven years ago and I don’t often think about her anymore. But she was definitely there. It was her presence, which I know so well. And when she spoke it was her voice.


She said to me, “I’ve come to take you.” I felt filled with peace and bliss, and delighted to hear her say this. I responded back, “OK.” Then she reached out her hand and took my hand. She started to lead me up and away. And that’s when the NDE ended.


At that point I woke up. I was struggling to breathe and I felt my heart struggling to work. But they stabilized in about a minute. After that I continued to feel disoriented and dizzy. And I felt distressed from my difficulty with breathing and with my heart.


But I wasn’t distressed from the NDE. That was ecstatic. I only felt curious why it had aborted. I was aware from others’ reports of NDEs that at a certain point they made a decision to come back and resume their life. Often it was because they had loved ones who they felt still needed them (like children or a spouse) or because they felt they hadn’t completed their work on earth.


I asked my guides why I hadn’t transitioned and the answer was immediate: “You haven’t finished your books.” Of course!


I feel like I’ve received my marching orders—from Spirit! The good news is I’m about to put out my next book, The Holy Grail: Sacred Masculine & Divine Feminine.



Happily, this book should be available soon. And then we’ll see what’s next…



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