YESHUA and MARY MAGDALENE: Inhabiting Feminine Power

Received by Mercedes Kirkel


Question: Right now I am experiencing a familiar fear in my belly of fully inhabiting my Feminine self and Feminine power. I know this must have a historical aspect. Will you please speak to how to be fully in my Feminine radiance, love, and power?


Mary Magdalene: Thank you so much for this question. This is a very pertinent question.


You are remembering a form of wounding, a form of pain that you have experienced, be it in this lifetime or another. Most of you have experienced this kind of pain multitudes of times, in every lifetime.


In general, those of you who are incarnated in the Feminine, as a woman, have experienced this far more times and are often more sensitive to it, more aware of it, than those who are manifesting in the male gender, or in male bodies. But it is true of both genders. It is true of everyone. You have all experienced wounding relative to the Feminine.


Out of that wounding, there is pain and fear of re-opening again. Your wounding may not have been in the form of sexual abuse. There are infinite number of other ways it could have happened. You might have been told that you couldn’t do certain things because of being a woman. You might have been told you shouldn’t manifest certain things because they are lesser, and they were Feminine things such as being emotional or who knows what else. Or maybe you were withheld access to the Feminine, in so many ways. Denial is a form of very clear communication that something is not acceptable. When something is denied, then it’s suppressed. If nothing else, everyone has received denial and suppression of the Feminine through the consciousness that has been programmed in at the third dimension.


You are one who is sensitive to this. As all of you become more and more sensitive, very likely more and more of you will be aware of this challenge in opening to the Feminine. You will become aware that there is fear of being wounded and hurt again. The Feminine part of you, in general, is your more vulnerable part. This is not to say that men can’t be vulnerable. It is saying that men and women, when they are vulnerable in this feeling way, are coming from their inner Feminine aspect.


This is where you can do the process that I have taught. I will talk about this process briefly in this example. You let yourself go into this place of wounding. For you, you are saying it is in the pit of your stomach. Find where it is in your body and relax that place in your body. Allow yourself, as much as you can, to go into that place in a physical way, and also in an emotional way. Let yourself merge with the feeling that is manifesting there, which in this case is fear.


This is very different from your instinctive tendency when you feel fear. The instinctive tendency is the fight or flight mechanism. It’s “I am in danger, I might be killed!” Out of that, the instinctive response is to go into action, to jump out of the fear and protect yourself in some way or other. But we are not doing the instinctive response here. We are doing a conscious spiritual response. It may feel like you’re going against your natural instincts, and to some degree you are. You are going into a spiritual response.


So you open yourself in your belly, in your fear, and you let yourself merge with the fear. From that place of opening and merging with the fear, there is a simple, more direct process.


The more direct process is to open to God from the place of uniting with the fear, and to let God guide you. You may get a message. You may get a vision. You may get sensation that guides you and tells you what to do. More than anything else, you have reconnected with God. Because what you are suffering is not the fear. You are suffering your disconnection from God. So that is one option, this simple process.


There is a process that is slightly more complex. But even though it is more complex, for many of you it is easier. So we also offer this. The second option begins the same way. You let yourself go into the bodily feeling and the emotional feeling of the fear. From that place you use your consciousness to inquire as to what the source of the fear is—knowing that the source of the fear is not the outer experience. The source of the fear is your own disconnection from God, in one or more particular forms that God manifests within you, which I have called your inner divine qualities.


In this circumstance of connecting with your Feminine, I am guessing the source of your fear is your inner divine qualities of safety and well-being. The inner divine qualities are always beautiful because they’re an aspect of your union with God. These are attributes of being fully in union with God. It is in God where you find your true safety and well-being.


Going back to our example, you open to the fear and let yourself merge with it. From that place, you inquire what is the source in your inner divine qualities and you let yourself discover these. This is the process that Mercedes teaches in her course. [NOTE: Mary Magdalene is referring to THE MAGDALENE HEART PATH Online Course.] This skill is very valuable to develop. I’m not going fully into it now because of time constraints. But if you were to learn this through the course or through another means, it would become clear how you connect with these inner divine qualities. I am simply going to say at this point that you can.


Let us say that the inner divine qualities for this situation are safety and well-being. Then you rest in your knowingness of safety and well-being. For some this may be very direct. Simply by connecting with the inner divine qualities, there is a sense of dropping in, where you know what it’s like to experience safety and well-being. For some, you may need a little help. It might help to remember a time when you felt safe, when you experienced well-being. Or it may help to have an image of what safety or well-being looks like. Use whatever works for you. Connect with the place in yourself where you already know the fulfilled state of safety and well-being.


When you’ve connected with that, rest in that. Then bring back the original situation—in this case, the original situation of opening to your Divine Feminine. You will notice that your feelings have changed. If you have connected with the actual inner divine qualities that you previously disconnected from, you will now be in a state of peace. You will experience peace.


You may also experience a kind of energized activation, where suddenly you have ideas about how you can further support your well-being and your safety as you connect to your inner Feminine. Those ideas, and that feeling of being activated and energized, are your guidance that you are ready to move forward in a different way.


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  • Rylan Mims:

    interesting, i wonder, like me being in a boy suit makes it easier to be open within, having awareness within the divine feminine/yin persona mindset, being in a girl suit it becomes somewhat harder because in a boy suit i only need to accept that others have lied to me, that the persona side of me that i was told is for girl suits only, the expected to be submissive genders persona of perception within awareness that i should avoid, was a lie…

    but girl suits are taught that this is their dominate persona side and avoid so as to avoid the fear of being the submissive gender, this is an inside fear, a different type of fear, one that is felt in the belly, interesting…

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