Ascension Update June 2017

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By Mercedes Kirkel


I’ve noticed that this recent period has been very intense for a lot of people.


I think it’s helpful to connect with the bigger picture in times like these. When I see a pattern of others having similar experiences, I feel reassured—not because I want others to be struggling but because I shift into a greater reality. I realize that what’s happening isn’t just about me and that I’m not alone. That helps me to get through. It helps me to trust the process, even if I don’t understand it, and to relax in the midst of it. It also gives me a sense of connection to the larger community of others sharing this pattern, which supports me tremendously.


My challenges recently have been showing up physically. I’ve had very difficult episodes of extended migraine headaches and back pain. For others, the challenges might be showing up in other ways, such as other forms of sickness, emotional struggles, mental difficulties, problems in relationships, difficult life circumstances, etc. I’ve also been struggling with not being able to conform to time structures and really needing to be on my own timing and flow.


If you’ve been experiencing something like this pattern, in whatever form, my heart and compassion go out to you. My guess is that it’s probably happening with greater intensity and lasting longer than you’re used to, or comfortable with, or enjoy.


That’s certainly what I was experiencing.


For me, this all came to a “boiling point” the Friday before Memorial Day weekend. That’s when I had a meltdown, kind of like my own personal Fukushima. I was crying and feeling great despair about my life. And then a friend called. I told my friend what was going on for me. She said she wished I was with her so she could support me. That sounded incredibly wonderful and I expressed how much I would like that.


At that moment a vision came to me of my friend coming and picking me up and taking me to her home in Ashland, Oregon. I felt how I would really love that. But I felt afraid to ask her to do that because it felt like “too much.” I noticed my fear and hesitated. Then I decided to ask for what I really wanted. And that’s what I did. To my amazement, she immediately responded with, “I can do that!” And I instantly knew that was exactly what I needed.


Three days later I was driving with my friend to Ashland, Oregon, including stopping to take in the majesty of Mt. Shasta on the way. Immediately upon arriving at my friend’s home I started to get better. Dramatically better! Hugely better! In fact, within a few days I actually felt good. I’d forgotten what “good” feels like. It’s really good!


I’m seeing the same thing in the bigger picture. I think many people are being asked by their soul to make changes in their lives that don’t seem easy. So they’re resisting making the changes. I know I was. I didn’t want to leave the Bay Area of San Francisco. There were many people I was close to there who I didn’t want to move away from, including my daughter and son-in-law. There were gatherings that I loved. I loved the land, the water, the climate. It felt like home to me.


But I was also ignoring the things that weren’t working for me, like the huge stress of the traffic and all the driving. Or the continual stress of the cost of living there. Or the frustration that I wasn’t finding a place to settle and start the spiritual community I so long to create.


Those were the signs that what I was doing wasn’t aligned to my soul path. I was doing my best to ignore those signs. So Spirit found a different way to get my attention, through my health.


I suspect many people are going through a similar scenario. I’ve had quite a few people tell me about wanting to make a change in their life yet feeling scared to take the leap. I think Spirit is helping them to do something different by making it not work anymore to continue with their previous “life”—and if necessary, even bringing in obstacles to their previous way of doing things. It’s Spirit’s way of redirecting us to what our soul really wants.


Is this happening for you? Are you feeling called to a change in your life that you’ve been resisting? Are you ready to take your next step of aligning with your soul in a greater way? It might be a baby step or a major leap. Only you will know what’s right for you.


How do you know what’s right for you? Look for the signs in your life of your soul speaking to you. Then trust those signs.


Spirit really does communicate with us all the time. It happens most often through the events of our lives. We just need eyes to see and ears to hear Spirit’s messages. If we don’t see or hear and then respond, Spirit turns up the volume and the signs become stronger. What may look like our life falling apart may actually be Spirit calling us to something new.


I hope you don’t need as strong a message as I did in order to listen and respond. I invoke that you follow your soul path and that your path is filled with ease and grace. So may it be!


In case you’re wondering what this has to do with ascension, I think it has everything to do with it. I think the ante is being upped and we’re being called to assume our soul path to a much greater degree. There’s less room for divergence and detours.


It’s like we’re in a slow-building volcano. But don’t be fooled by the speed (which really is incredibly fast in terms of the way evolution usually occurs). I have no doubt that we’re being gently, or sometimes not-so-gently, pushed to our next level of spiritual growth and unfoldment. And we’re having all kinds of growing pains along the way.


I believe huge forces are at play in our world. Just look at what’s happening politically, especially in the U.S. But there’s something even bigger that’s not being broadcast by the media. It’s a grassroots groundswell of a huge shift in spiritual evolution that’s underway. And we all showed up to be part of it.


It may not feel like what you were expecting when you “volunteered.” But now you’re here. And more than anything else, your most important work is your personal spiritual growth.


It may not feel like much at an individual level. But at the group level, what’s occurring is stupendous. I really believe this and see it everywhere. It gives me such hope and joy. I’m very confident that a growing group of awakening and awakened beings are tipping the scales on planet Earth toward a much more wonderful future.


I’m looking forward to it! And I hope you’ll be there, too.


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3 Responses to “Ascension Update June 2017”

  • thank you Mercedes for your continued openness. I am so glad you’ve found where you want to be! Have a wonderful time in France (and Italy and the Netherlands). I may join perhaps next year in France if you go, when I’m more abundant and have a kind, reliable dog-sitter for my 2 little dogs!

    Love Gwyneth

  • Thank you for your openness, Mercedes, on your journey with many changes. I feel it’s as if I’m weaning off of my old personality, at times, finding more conditions and situations hilariously funny, that I felt had to be taken serious previously.

    Including this me, a mix of Mother Superior and Mary Poppins. Although I’ve jumped in the unknown 7 years ago and left Holland 2 years ago, living in the S.W. of Britain now, I recognise much of what you describe in your blogpost here.
    We’re moving towards a new you, a new me, a new us on a new Earth. Together.

  • meardis wells:

    Big Luv and Big Life Mercedes and to all of us- yes I have similar issues as well – not so much physically but emotionally. My passion for jewelry design has waned – I used to sit for hours creating and within the past 6 months or more nothing calls to me – even the joy i get from reading your messages have fallen flat – ugh ugh ugh. Thanks for your openness – it reminds us to be gentle with this process and not let the mind take us on a monkey ride.

    PS Gwyneth – I’m a dog sitter – love my furry clients. My love for animals has not been effected by this process of awakening…they keep me balanced. I operate out of Denver, CO.

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