Yeshua and Mary Magdalene: The Purpose of Spirituality

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Received by Mercedes Kirkel


Question: What is the purpose of spirituality and is there any ending point of evolution or consciousness? Is it something like freedom? Where is it all going?


Mary Magdalene: From the Feminine point of view, the purpose of spirituality is to feel a whole lot better than you do right now! (Laughs) That’s why I was laughing.
Can you imagine feeling absolute bliss, absolute love all the time? Would that be attractive? I imagine so.


I will let Yeshua speak for the Masculine point of view.


Yeshua: From the Masculine point of view, nothing is more wonderful than abiding as pure consciousness.


Ultimately, there is absolutely no difference between the pure Feminine of absolute love and the pure Masculine of complete consciousness. They are two sides of the mirror, two sides of the coin. You are always already both.


In some sense there is nothing to attain, as many of your spiritual practices have suggested.


But you have all chosen to come into this manifest form, where your consciousness is limited. You consciously chose and through that choice you manifested. Now your consciousness is reflecting the manifestation that you chose.


This is a bit of a sticky wicket, you might say. There is a part of you that remembers something higher. That part of you is your higher self. That part of you is calling you to change your consciousness, and through that your manifestation. It is also calling you to change your manifestation, and through that your consciousness.


Your higher self is calling you to this spiritual process. All are called. All are actually responding in their own way and their own form, which is right for them at this time. It is for each of you to respond. You can’t help but do it. You are doing it.


Yet in the third dimension you have free will. So part of your journey in this third dimension is to engage your free will to support this wonderful process of uniting in and as God. It doesn’t make sense to your mind. I recommend listening to your heart and your consciousness. Let that be your guide.


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One Response to “Yeshua and Mary Magdalene: The Purpose of Spirituality”

  • Thank you for this regal message, Mercedes, Mary Magdalene and Jeshua.
    These words, spoken by Jeshua, remind me of a recurring urge, at times, slowing down more and just BE:

    “In some sense there is nothing to attain, as many of your spiritual practices have suggested”.

    Letting the silence within reveal what’s present in it, as to me it’s a fullness, like the expectancy of waiting, present in nature when spring is almost bursting.
    The silence in nature, resonating with the point of silence within is a blessing.
    I’m in rural Britain, Merlin’s former dwellings, where a magical silence joins many shades of green in nature.

    I can fully understand how one slows down in the energy of rural France, the pictures show such peace and quietude. May your journey be a blessing for all, also to the elementals sparkling with joy in this “fellowship of the heart” including Mary and Jeshua’s presence.

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