YESHUA: Parenting and Power

Received by Mercedes Kirkel

Question: I have an issue with my spirituality that concerns my son. He is four years old and I think he’s amazing from a spiritual point of view. In my heart I feel I need to respect him and love him for who he is. But I find it so difficult because I feel confronted with the idea that I need to guide him and have some authority over him, which does not match my spiritual ideals.


How do I balance guiding my son with not wanting to change him or tell him who he should be and how he should act?


Yeshua: I feel moved to respond to your question.


The first thing to realize is that your son is a mirror for you. That mirror can show you the places in you that you are struggling with, which you would not be in touch with if it were not for your son, or perhaps not as easily or as readily.


As my beloved Mary Magdalene has clarified, a primary part of the growth and focus in the third dimension has to do with power. You are struggling with your relationship to power. That is a rich struggle. It is not simply about how to be a good parent. It is about how to go beyond the limits of the third dimension altogether—where life is not about power, where power is used to support everyone, not to control some for the benefit of others. This is a huge learning for human beings and it is coming in this particular form in your life.


Ultimately you must get to the root of your conflict, which is your conflict within yourself about power. Very likely there is wounding and healing to be done.


There is also an embrace of your son’s power, which perhaps you are not completely at peace with.


This is where you are all headed, to learn to be in power together for the good of all. There is an empowerment of your son and there is an empowerment of yourself. They are not in conflict with each other, but it can seem that way.


You are the divine guardian of your son and that includes, at times, setting appropriate limits. Children do not necessarily enjoy those limits in the moment, but these are usually short-lived reactions. If they are not short-lived reactions, there is something deeper going on.


The third dimension is filled with limits. Part of your job as a parent is to help your child navigate limits.


Again, as a parent, any issue you are struggling with or having challenge with relative to yourself will show up in your relationship with your child. That can be a great benefit. It can help you realize and come to clarity about the places you may need to focus upon for your own growth, as well as the good of your child. This is one of the great blessings of being a parent.


Most parents love their child, although at times, of course, it can be difficult. You can forget your love; but in general, there is love there. That love motivates you for the good of both of you.


Ultimately, it’s your job as a parent to see the divinity in your child and to see the divinity in yourself. When you get to that place, you work it out as two divine beings.


Is there anything else about this?


Questioner: I think your answer was spot on and I have much to process. I thank you very much.


Yeshua: You are very welcome.

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