YESHUA: Was Mary Magdalene at the Last Supper?

An Excerpt from: Dialogues with Yeshua and Mary Magdalene

By Mercedes Kirkel


Tom: Was Mary Magdalene at the Last Supper?


Yeshua: Of course! [laughs] Why would I not have my beloved at my side? Mary was more than simply a follower. Mary is my divine partner. Mary came to bring the Feminine, just as I came to bring the Masculine. The Church has cut out this part of what we did and what our work was because they were afraid. But it is coming forth now. We knew this would happen. We understood. And we’re glad it’s finally time for everyone to have access to the whole of what we brought forth: the Masculine and the Feminine. Both of us were revealing, teaching, and supporting—together. So of course, she was there.


Tom: I learned a lot of this from my wife. She is so good.


Yeshua: You are very wise. So many men need this understanding and valuing of the Feminine. Women have moved ahead because it’s more natural for them to receive the Feminine. They’re receiving this understanding of the Feminine first, by and large, and men are receiving it through the women. This is the first stage. You are very blessed to have your wife and to receive her in the way you do.


Tom: Yesterday, at the equinox, I was praying for the whole of creation to rise, something we’re calling ascension. Then this morning as I was praying, it felt like a sexual union inside of me. Could that be God touching me?


Yeshua: Absolutely! This is another aspect of the Feminine that the Church doesn’t want people to connect with and understand. As you move into the fourth dimension, you’ll see that dimension is very sexual in the true form of sexual union because the Masculine and Feminine are always in union with each other. One aspect of the separation that beings in the third dimension experience is the separation of the Masculine and the Feminine. This relationship is being healed and shifted back into its higher form by reuniting the Masculine and the Feminine.


Tom: I can go back to that feeling of sexual union inside me when I’m trying to search for God.


Yeshua: Yes. It’s a gift and a blessing. Is there more that’s in your heart right now?


Tom: There’s more joy.


Yeshua: [laughs] That is your sign. Let joy be your guide.



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