Helping a Loved One in the Fourth Dimension

Image By André Schmucki

Image By André Schmucki

By Mercedes Kirkel


This week I told a friend that since my mother died I’ve been having very frequent nightmares. I added that I’m surprised by this because I almost never have nightmares.


My friend responded with a story from his life that involved a relative of his who committed suicide. (I’ll call his relative “Mike” for this story.) Some time after the suicide, my friend was working with a shaman and asked the shaman how Mike was doing. The shaman checked up on Mike and reported that he was stuck in the middle world, adding that this happens to many souls and is especially common with those who commit suicide. The shaman then contacted Mike, instructing him to look up and follow the light. Afterward the shaman confirmed that Mike wasn’t stuck anymore.


My friend spoke to Mike’s wife a few days later. She told him that she’d experienced a dramatic shift in relation to Mike, right at the time when the shaman was helping him. She said she didn’t feel grief anymore but now felt at peace.


Based on this, my friend suggested that maybe my nightmares were related to what my mother was experiencing. He asked me if I knew how to contact my mother and help her in the way the shaman had helped Mike. Even though I don’t generally do that type of thing, I realized that I could with the knowledge I have of how to access the fourth dimension and connect with people via our light-bodies.


So I went for it. That night before I went to sleep, I engaged my process of entering the fourth dimension. I then began to communicate with my mother. I gave her instructions about how to move on, just as I had given her instructions and helped her when she was transitioning out of her physical body. After I was complete, I went to sleep. And guess what—I had a completely peaceful night, with no nightmares, and haven’t had any since.


I can’t say definitively that what I did made a difference but I believe it did. I’m happy to think that I helped my mother and stepfather, and also relieved to not have nightmares anymore.


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  • Julia Rinker-Miller:

    No wonder you love GENTRI’s Holy Night video – Mercedes! Aside from the lovely casting of ‘faces’ that fill the narrative with truest, poignant emotion … the CHRIST sings through this trio like Light rippling through Soul; the trace-essence of their harmony echos-on in my Heart. I will visualize this celestial 3-D offering ‘ministering’ its way into the Fourth to soothe and make porous those caught in disquiet. May their Beings respond and make haste to the Love’s Frequencies. Thank you for posting that musically-transcending, CHRISTmas ‘experience’ – Julia

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