MARY MAGDALENE: The Call of Love

Received by Mercedes Kirkel



I come to you today, through Mercedes, to share my love with you. It is the same as my love for Yeshua. And it is Yeshua’s love. They are all the same. I was immeasurably blessed to love Yeshua in human form, to be his twin flame. And the same love is available to you.


There is no separation in this love. No separation between me and you. No separation between Yeshua and you. This love is the greatest gift our Supreme Creator has given us. It is worth everything. Give everything for this love, for this love gives everything to you.


I hear you ask, “How do you know this love?” You know much about this love already. It is known as you grow spiritually. The measure of your spiritual growth is your heart opening. When your heart opens it is filled by love.


Sometimes you experience this love for no reason. Sometimes when you love another you experience this love. You may experience this love when you feel completely at peace; or when you commune with nature; or when you’re deeply in touch with yourself, your soul. Whenever you connect with God, in whatever way you do, you experience this love.


In this world you think you are separate, cut off. It is not so but you think it is. Love is the bridge that connects you to your true state. It may be for a moment, or forever, or anything in-between. Eventually this union will not disappear, but it will take growth for most of you to experience that. It is what you are all growing toward. You are drawn toward it like a moth to the light. Even if you don’t understand, you are drawn toward love. And so it should be, for God is love and you are love. Love is your nature.


Love is the nature of All That Is.


I have told you much about how you can grow in love at this time and what are your next steps forward. Some are calling this growth in love the ascension process and that is as good a name as any. You are growing into higher states of consciousness and with that will come more love. You are not growing away from anything or leaving anything behind. It is not an escape. It is an expansion to include more of who you are, more of All That Is.


As I have said many times, the area that is most important for so many of you is the emotional realm. You must expand to include all of your emotions, to love all of them and embrace all of them. This is the pivotal piece at this moment in time, which will allow you to move forward. Your emotions are like a woman. Indeed, they are part of your Feminine side—within each of you, men and women.


The way that you relate to your emotions is a reflection of the way that you relate to women altogether. Are you afraid of them? Do you minimize them? Do you try to avoid them? Do you deny them? Are you at a loss with what to do with them? Are you convinced they will drag you down into an abyss of suffering?


This is part of the consciousness of separation. It has everything to do with the separation of the Masculine from the Feminine, including your own inner Masculine and Feminine, and how you relate to these aspects within yourself. This time is the clarion call, the ripe moment when you and everyone are being called to heal this form of separation. If you do this it will catapult you further into your growth and evolution, into the state of love that your being longs for. Are you ready to love the Feminine, including your own inner Feminine? Have you had enough of separation? It is up to you and the choice is pivotal.


Yeshua was not afraid of women. He had no need to separate himself from the Feminine. He was in union with all. He lived this and breathed it and walked it and radiated it to all. Now you are called to do the same.


I love you, all of you, and support you always in love.


I AM Mary Magdalene



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