MARY MAGDALENE: Evolving into Unconditional Love

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An Excerpt from Mary Magdalene Beckons
By Mercedes Kirkel


Greetings, beloved —


You are coming to understand why I speak so much about the importance of feeling and, in particular, feeling pain. I will explain more about this. Many of you have the sense that unconditional love is an important aspect of evolving into your highest self, and this is correct. However, for most of you, it is still just an idea, and you don’t understand how to achieve this.


This is because unconditional love is rooted in the Second Ray of the Divine, which is the ray of the Divine Feminine. Up until now, the ray that has been dominant on Earth is the First Ray of divine will, which is the ray of the Divine Masculine. This is why so much of your spiritual teachings, up until this point, have focused on things like clearing the mind of false beliefs and opening to higher consciousness, activating the will to do God’s work in the world, and manifesting a higher reality in this dimension.


Now, at this time in the evolution of Earth and for all of you who are incarnate here, there is an influx of new divine energies, which is creating a shift and a grand opportunity for accelerated growth and transformation. These new energies are here because you are now receiving the Second Ray of the Divine Feminine. Yet, in order to fully receive this, you must be open at the level of feeling. Your heart is the organ of reception and activation of this energy, and it is through your ability to feel that this energy is carried.


So feeling is essential to receiving and activating this new energy. Your job at this time is to open fully as feeling beings. You are being called to love yourself unconditionally, with no conditions or limits upon that self-love. And in the domain of feeling, this is especially about loving all of your emotions. They all have a divine purpose. Do you think you would be given the magnificent range of feelings and emotions that you all possess for no purpose? Do you think this was a kind of design error? No, dear ones, your feelings are to serve you, and they are a great help to you if you understand this and are in the correct relationship to them. Your feelings are a tremendous asset and a unique gift that you in this realm have been given. Yet, as I have said before, many have planted the idea that emotions are bad or harmful and should be denied, suppressed, disengaged from. This is actually the opposite of the truth.


As you learn to love your emotions, including all of the painful ones, you will be practicing the foundation of unconditional love. In this loving, you will open to your feelings; you will feel them, which is different from reacting to them. In your reaction, you either try to avoid them, make them go away, or act upon them. But feeling is none of these things. Feeling is simply being with the feelings, embracing them and merging with them, so that they can give you their gifts. Feelings are the messengers of your divine attributes that live within you. They will lead you to these beautiful qualities within that are your bridge to God. This is the way of the open heart, the Divine Feminine path of unconditional love. And it is the path you are called to walk and embrace and radiate from in your open heart. It is a glorious song of love.


And there is another energy that is shining upon Earth at this time, and it is the Third Ray of divine wisdom. In this ray, the First and Second Rays of divine will and divine love experience the union of their qualities as divine wisdom. This is one of the forms of the Trinity as it manifests in your realm. The First Ray carries the qualities of the Divine Father, the Second Ray carries the qualities of the Divine Mother, and the Third Ray carries the qualities of the union of the Divine Father and Mother, giving birth to the Divine Child. This Divine Child can also be seen as your I AM presence.


You are living in a most wondrous time, when so many aspects of the Divine are being revealed to you so abundantly and openly. In the past, very few had access to these divine rays, only those who had purified themselves to an extraordinary degree. But now it is different. The divine powers are being showered down upon you so freely, yet you must do your part to receive them. If you are in the midst of the mightiest rain but hold an umbrella over your head, you will not receive any of the water flowing around you.


And so you must do your part to open up and receive this divine downpour. And one of the primary arenas for most of you is at the level of feeling. This is your bridge to unconditional love, and it begins with unconditional love of yourself, all of who you are, and especially of your emotions and feelings. It begins with opening at the heart to your feelings, reversing your patterns of closing yourself off from your emotions and feelings. Open to them and let them guide you to your higher self. And as you learn to love your feelings unconditionally, you will naturally become a conduit of unconditional love. It is inevitable.


I wish to give an example because I know that this is a confusing arena for many of you, due to all the misinformation you have received about emotions. Let’s say that someone has said something to you that is painful for you to hear, something such as, “That’s so selfish of you. You’re always only thinking of yourself!” You might have an immediate reaction come up. For example, you might want to lash out at them with a criticism of them, which is a way of fighting back, proving that they’re wrong so their judgment of you isn’t valid. This could happen verbally or just in your thoughts. Another reaction you might have is to want to defend yourself, proving how their accusation isn’t true. Or you might want to take an action, wanting to hurt them physically or to withdraw from them in some way.


All of these are reactions to the pain you feel from the comment, ways of trying to make the pain go away. Instead of all of these reactions, you could simply feel the pain. You could open to it, experience it. Breathe into it, relax into it, open yourself to it. And with this, you could ask yourself, “What is the source of this pain within me?” The source will be different each time, a different quality or divine attribute that you carry within. In this example, the source may be that you’re wanting acceptance and to be understood for your actual intentions and motives. Acceptance and understanding are two of the entire range of beautiful divine attributes that live within you. As you open to the experience of your hurt, you can let that lead you to your longing for acceptance and understanding. And when you connect with those inner divine attributes, you will experience a shift. You will be crossing over the bridge to your connection with God.


What is so wonderful is that you can always do this, at any time or in any circumstance, because these qualities are always within you; truly they are you. You are incredibly powerful, and you always have the ability to connect with God. Nothing can ever stand in the way of this because this is who and what you are.


Your feelings are one of your greatest allies—they are always guiding you to this awakening to God. Now, at this time in your evolution, you are being called to embrace your feelings as your pathway to unconditional love. I support you in this most fully, as I know this path profoundly as a true and wondrous path to God.


I love you and bless you with all my heart in your continued unfoldment.

I AM Mary Magdalene



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