MARY MAGDALENE: Special vs. Unconditional Love

Received by Mercedes Kirkel


I wish to speak to an aspect of love that I think some of you may have confusion about. This is the idea of unconditional love. I would say it is true that all love is unconditional. What I mean is that love is never given in a conditional way. It is never given as a kind of a deal, where “I will love you if you give me something back.” That is not love. That is a contract. Contracts can be appropriate at certain times in certain circumstances. It is just good to understand that that is not love.


Love is always given freely. Truly, when you fully love, you cannot help but give love. It is your great joy to give love. This is the meaning of unconditional love.


But in your spiritual world there are some who have suggested a different concept of unconditional love. This is the concept that the highest, most spiritual love is impersonal or universal love. This kind of love is uniform and the same for all. It is then suggested that personal love, which you might call “special love”—loving someone as special or different—is somehow not unconditional love, not true love, not the highest, most spiritual love. I would say this is misguided.


There are many different kinds of love, and you will experience many different kinds of love in your lifetime if you open yourself to love. This is not only completely natural but it is intentional. You came into this realm because your soul desired and needed certain experiences for your soul growth.


All the different relationships in your life are what your soul has called in to support you in your growth, by giving you the experiences that will most help you. Those relationships are unique. Some of them are special. You could say they are all special in a certain way because they are all unique. They are all important to you, your life, and your soul development. Your response to each relationship will be different. The way that you manifest love in each relationship will be different and that is because your soul has called that in for your growth.


I would suggest that if you are called to love in a unique way in any given relationship, that you support that and open to it. Let the love be your guidance and follow it. I do not recommend following what seems to me an artificial concept that you shouldn’t be feeling a unique love for someone that’s different from your love for others.


I certainly know special love in my being and it is a great gift from God. I would not want to hold back from it. It does not in any way detract from my loving all in the more universal sense. Quite to the opposite, it supports and grows my capacity for universal love. Every way that you know love is a divine gift, an opening to greater union with the divine. Do not hold back. It is a blessing and a gift.

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