MARY MAGDALENE: How You’ll Feel When You Open To the Feminine

Received by Mercedes Kirkel

Mary Magdalene: It’s been known for a long time that this would be the time when people on your Earth would be ready to engage in the ascension movement into the higher dimensions.


Balancing and uniting the Masculine and Feminine is very likely the most critical part of that process.


Question: “How will it look when we’re living this balance more effectively in our lives?”


Mary Magdalene: You will feel very different. This will be the beginning because the Feminine is all about feeling. You will feel your heart. You will feel your emotions. You will feel your body. You will feel your sexuality. You will start to operate in your life out of feeling, as opposed to thinking.


As this happens there will be a very natural process that will occur of your feeling and thinking beginning to integrate with each other. You might say that your thinking will calm down. Your thinking is like the substitute teacher that has walked in to handle the situation while the teacher has been absent. The being that’s supposed to be in charge is your heart. But because your Feminine has been so suppressed and underdeveloped, your heart is not fully active. It tends to be weak. So your mind has stepped in to cover, so you can survive and function.


This has been a great stress on your whole being, including your mind. Your mind was not intended to do this. When your heart becomes strong, through strengthening the Feminine, your mind will start to relax. It will actually become subservient to the heart. And the heart will start to lead.


It’s not that you will shut down your mind, or become stupid or not use your thinking functions. That is not at all the case. Your thinking is a tremendous gift. Why would you not use it, if it’s in support of your heart? The mind will be completely available to the heart. But more and more your heart will be guiding you. 


This process has stages to it. The early stage is that your heart will come to the fore and your mind will relax, As this happens, your higher mind will open up. This is the seat of your Divine Masculine, which is your divine consciousness within yourself. More and more you will be operating from your higher mind (or Divine Masculine) and your heart (or Divine Feminine). This is the real uniting. Your higher mind is the space of consciousness. It is connected to higher dimensions and psychic abilities. All this is a process which will unfold stage by stage.


Most of you in your spiritual communities today are very aware of the heart. Most of you are aware that part of spirituality involves living from your heart. Yet if you were truthful with yourself, you would probably say that you do not live in your heart all the time. Most likely you don’t even live in your heart the majority of the time. This is reflected in your world. 


Your choices in your world will be very different when you’re living from your heart. You will start to experience more and more freedom from the third-dimensional construct. You will start to experience freedom from things like the ideas of scarcity or survival. You’ll have freedom from the idea that life is about success or other people approving of you. You’ll have freedom from ideas of right and wrong, good or bad. And you’ll have freedom from the idea that life is about power and being driven to acquire power.


You will start to see that all of these ideas are very interwoven into third-dimensional consciousness, which is a consciousness of separation. That consciousness of separation has supported you to move into your mind and separate from your Feminine. As you start to come into your Feminine more and more, this third-dimensional construct of what matters and what life is about is going to start to weaken. It’s going to have less and less of a hold on you. You are going to see through it, as though it were a mirage, or a movie, or a story that this is reality.


You are going to start to experience a different form of reality. Part of this is that you will start to see many of the more Feminine qualities becoming stronger, qualities that have not characterized your world while the Feminine was suppressed and separated from. These are qualities such as love, compassion, kindness, care for all, and things of that nature.


This change will not come out as a belief, an idea, or a “should” that this is the way the world ought to be. It will be sourcing out of your internal essence where, at the core, at your very essence, you are opening to the Feminine in a way that you have been shut down to for a very long time. First and foremost, you are going to start see the changes within yourself. Then you will see the changes in your choices in the world. And finally these changes will be reflected back to you as the manifestation or form your world is taking.


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