MARY MAGDALENE: Identifying With Others

Melisenta by Josephine Wall,

Received by Mercedes Kirkel

Question: A while ago I was in a group of spiritually minded people and I had a feeling of loss of identity, like I was skipping between persons. One moment I would feel like one person; in another moment I would feel like another person. It felt like I was tuning into the group energy. Is that what you are talking about in describing the fourth dimension?


Mary Magdalene: It’s an aspect.


It may be that you are opening to a certain kind of connection, awareness, and fluidity in your consciousness. And it may be that there’s another aspect that is not quite in balance, not quite as fully developed, because you don’t need to lose yourself. In the full experience there’s a sense of expansion of yourself, to include all.


So it may have been a kind of opening, but not a full opening. Your experience may feed you in a certain way, which will very likely lead somewhere else that will be more inclusive of your connection to yourself, and more inclusive of your having choice in the midst of your experience.


You are always in choice. It is not the case that you are simply at the effect of your experience. This is a fourth-dimensional learning.


The fourth-dimension is very much like the realm of dreams. This is a good way of understanding this because you are familiar with dreams and understand them.


Part of what you’re developing in the fourth dimension is your ability to manifest. That begins with realizing you are always in choice. Dreams can feel like things are happening to you and that you are kind of blown around by the winds of who knows what in a dream. But that is what you might call an “entry-level” experience [Mary laughs]. Eventually you develop strength and skill, where you are at choice about your manifestation, just as you are at choice about your manifestation in the third-dimension. But that may not yet be obvious.


Questioner: It feels like I am opening up to a certain level of sensitivity that I am not used to.


Mary Magdalene: Yes. It does sound that way to me, as well. And those things can be uncomfortable. They are unfamiliar. And sometimes the discomfort is telling you that that particular form, or the way it’s showing up, doesn’t include everything you need. It can be guiding you to other parts to develop and strengthen, which will be more of what you need in a holistic way.


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