Response to School Shooting

Mary Magdalene Crying Statue, Sepulcre Arc-en-Barrois

By Mercedes Kirkel

Like so many of us, I am in pain from the recent school shooting in Texas. My heart hurts­—for the victims, their families, their loved ones, and for all of us affected by one more incident of killing in this way. I grieve and mourn.


Mary Magdalene says that grieving is an essential part of healing and spiritual growth. And I believe she really knows.


Mary has shown me how to open to grieving and pain, rather than avoiding or denying it. Her instruction has allowed me to follow the pain, letting it take me to a deep place deep inside where my inner divinity resides. Pain lets me know that some part of my inner divinity isn’t fulfilled, and shows me which part it is.


In this case, it’s protection of life that’s not fulfilled. Life is precious and I want it to be protected.


When I connect with that place inside that values protection of life, a reconnecting to my wholeness occurs. The shock of the shooting caused me to separate from my inner wholeness. Now, through reconnecting with this part of myself that knows what it is to have protection of life, I begin to heal. Connecting with the already-fulfilled state of protection of life makes me whole again, yet in a new way that’s somehow stronger.


When I’m ready, when I’m sufficiently healed to be stable again in my wholeness, I will use my increased strength to make a difference. I will do what I must to manifest the beauty of protection of life in our world. I don’t yet know how I will do this but I trust that I will. I will be part of creating a world that protects life.


So be it.





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2 Responses to “Response to School Shooting”

  • Anne Marie Chapman:

    Thank you!

  • Michael Lavenson:

    Thank you Mercedes for expressing your deepest feelings of grief over the recent shooting in Texas. I share that sadness and need for both healing and the need to make a difference in the world. For me expressing that grief with whatever pieces of love that I can be, is how I will go on this difficult journey. And so it is.

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