YESHUA: Your Climate Crisis

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Received by Mercedes Kirkel

Yeshua: This is about your climate crisis and global warming. It is difficult for many of you to relate to this because you’ve become anesthetized through technology, such that you no longer feel your Mother.


You’re anesthetized by the noise of traffic, which you’re surrounded by. You’re anesthetized by the walls of your buildings and vehicles, which enclose you. You’re anesthetized by the chatter of your media. You’re anesthetized by the chatter of your own mind. You’re anesthetized by your separation from your heart. And you’re anesthetized by your separation from each other. All this must be healed as part of your healing with the Mother.


Indigenous people understand this. They can be of great help to you, if you get over your pride and arrogance, and your indifference to what you’ve done to them.


I came, with others, to seed this Earth as sacred ground. Do not throw it away. Feel it, honor it, receive the gifts, and protect it.


This is your moment.


In love and light,






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