MARY MAGDALENE: Healing Body Shame and Sexual Shame

Received by Mercedes Kirkel

Question: I wonder if you might speak of the ascension process that we’re in.


Mary Magdalene: That is a very large topic. Is there a more specific question relative to the ascension process that you have?


Questioner: Not really, whatever you feel would be appropriate for our group.


Mary Magdalene: What is your question? What does your heart long for?


Questioner: Well, I often feel myself move from the third dimension to the fourth, and even sometimes the fifth, but I don’t stay very long. I suppose it’s natural to move back and forth between all three. When might I be able to maintain my presence in the fourth or fifth, and not do so much shifting around?


Mary Magdalene: Yes. This is a natural experience, especially as you progress further and further into the ascension process. You will experience spending time in higher dimensions—which for most of you will be the fourth or fifth initially. In general, you will not stay in the higher dimensions until you have completed your work in the third dimension. For most of you, the work you need to complete is about uniting the Masculine and Feminine. It is first about strengthening your Feminine, and especially your connection to feeling.


Most of you are heavily indoctrinated into cutting off from your feelings and living in your mind, to the point that you do not realize how severe this indoctrination has been. Your movie “The Matrix” is a kind of symbolic story of that. For most of you, this process of transcending the third dimension has to do with regaining your access to the Feminine. This is first and foremost about regaining access to feeling, as well as access to your body and your sexuality.


More than anything, your work with your body has to do with feeling shame that you carry relative to your body, and then loving your body as a temple. For most of you, shame is the great block in the arena of your body.


It is similar with sexuality. Most of you carry shame relative to your sexuality. Because of this shame, You have not allowed yourself to open to the pathway of sexuality as a spiritual process for carrying you into the higher dimensions and supporting you. You have limited your relationship to sexuality to be exclusively physical, which is a great limitation upon it.


All of you are sexual, whether you are engaging with a partner in a sexual way or not. You all have sexual energy. In ancient times, learning the pathway of sexuality was recognized as an important part of the ascension process. It was part of the Egyptian temple process and it was carried through the Egyptian temples to India. In India it became known as the path of kundalini, also known as the serpent pathway. Leaning the spiritual aspects of sexuality is an important aspect of your learning. For most of you, it will require healing of wounding, especially in the first and second chakras, and healing of shame for you to be able to access your sexuality fully.


Then there is the opening to the emotions, especially the painful emotions. This includes learning to hold the emotions such as sorrow, to mourn as a sacrament. It includes learning to hold fear as pointing to your own divinity, as opposed to something to be cut off from, or do battle with, or go away from, or suppress. Because when you do any of these latter things, you cut off from your power.


When you open to these Feminine parts of yourself, your mind—which now tends to dominate you—becomes a lover of the Feminine. Then your mind relaxes. It becomes in service to the Feminine, like a knight in service to the queen. Then the king may step forward. The king is your higher Masculine, your sacred Masculine. Once the king comes forward, he and the queen may join in marriage.


When that happens the gateway will open for you to transition. You will be able to change your kingdom into a higher dimensional one. For most of you this will be the fourth dimension, which more than anything is about manifestation.


The marriage of the king and queen energy is essential for you to be full in the school of manifestation that you enter in the fourth dimension. For most of you, this will be your next arena. It requires the completion of your gifts, your growth, and the foundation in the third dimension that you incarnated here for.


Is there more about that you wish to ask about?


Questioner: Do you have any advice on how to heal the shame?


Mary Magdalene: Relative to… ?


Questioner: Sexuality.


Mary Magdalene: It may be helpful to go back and to locate the time when the shame began, as an anchor or a point of consciousness. This may be supportive in guiding you to the part of your inner divinity that you disconnected from at that point. Can you speak to your own experience of the time when your shame began?


Questioner: Yes. When I was fourteen there was an older man, my teacher, who was attracted to me. I enjoyed the attention, but I was deeply afraid and ashamed of the sexual nature of it. I think I’ve spent much time trying—maybe in my mind—to understand why all that happened and trying to forgive him. But I don’t know that I felt the unconditional love for myself.


Mary Magdalene: Yes. This is a great trap with not embracing the Feminine. You can go too quickly into the Masculine aspect of this practice—the forgiveness aspect—when you’re not yet ready. Forgiveness is important and will come, but it needs to happen in an organic way.


What was it that you feared? If you could give voice to the fear, what was the fear?


Questioner: That I was wrong for wanting that attention. I get confused. I get into my mind, I suppose.


Mary Magdalene: Yes. This is the essence of shame, that there is something the matter with you for your experience, something the matter with who you are. There are judgements there. When shame arises, it is always interwoven with judgement, such as “You shouldn’t be enjoying this,” or “You shouldn’t be wanting this.” Is that accurate?


Questioner: Yes.


Mary Magdalene: Were there any other judgements as well?


Questioner: I was also deeply afraid. When I think about wanting to be with the Masculine, and the surrender and trust involved, I just want to skip the healing part and bypass the fear.


Mary Magdalene: Was your fear pointing to a need for trust?


Questioner: Back then I needed safety.


Mary Magdalene: Yes.


In this moment, can you give yourself the safety that you were longing for and so needed?


Questioner: Yes, I can.


Mary Magdalene: Excellent. Let yourself fill up with that beautiful safety.


Then, when you’re ready, add in the experience of your sexuality, while staying connected to your inner divinity of safety. What happens for you when you do that?


Questioner: I feel the disconnection in my body. I feel the tendency to go into my head and stay there.


Mary Magdalene: Can you go to the place in your body where the disconnection is happening?


Questioner: My lower chakras.


Mary Magdalene: Can you ask your lower chakras what they want to communicate to you right now?


Questioner: They love me.


Mary Magdalene: And what else?


Questioner: That there’s nothing wrong with me. I’m not broken.


Mary Magdalene: Yes.


Are you able to see these chakras, these parts of yourself, in their beauty and purity and wholeness? Are you able to embrace them?


Questioner: Yes.


Mary Magdalene: That is your work for now. They will guide you from there.


Questioner: Thank you.


Mary Magdalene: Did you have another question?


Questioner: Yes. I was wondering if it’s the same process with shame of the body. Do you go back to where you feel it began?


Mary Magdalene: It is very often helpful. Sometimes it is not necessary. It is an artful process to see what is necessary. But if it is a deep and longstanding pattern, going back to where the pattern began can be helpful. Is body shame something you deal with?


Questioner: Yes.


Mary Magdalene: Are you aware of the moment when it began?


Questioner: I don’t know if I’m aware of the moment it began. But I’m aware of a moment when I felt that.


Mary Magdalene: Yes. That is all you need. Are you aware of the inner divine quality that you disconnected from in that event?


Questioner: It was the sense that I was okay, that there was nothing wrong with me, that I was perfect as I was.


Mary Magdalene: Yes, your divinity and the perfectness of your body.


Questioner: Yes.


Mary Magdalene: Can you go to the place inside that knows the perfection and divinity of your physical body?


Questioner: Yes.


Mary Magdalene: Can you give yourself to that place inside, like immersing yourself in a deep pool of that wonderful perfection, which is the divinity of you?


Questioner: Yes. It’s very freeing. It feels beautiful and pure and empowering.


Mary Magdalene: Yes. This is the place to return to again and again, to grow stronger in relationship to, and to stay connected to.


Questioner: Okay. Thank you so much, Mary.


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