YESHUA: The Feminine Divine

Image by Jean-Pierre Dalbéra

An Excerpt from Dialogues with Yeshua and Mary Magdalene
By Mercedes Kirkel

Yeshua: The Feminine is the path of finding God in the midst of form and manifestation. This may happen when an individual sees an exquisite sunset or spends time in the mountains or at the ocean or is somehow connected with nature, and they feel their heart open. You described that you often weep. That’s generally a response to being touched by the Feminine divine. It’s feeling God, however you relate to God, communicated through form and manifestation, through the earth, through something in nature.


When parents see their own child being born, they often have an overwhelming feeling of love. That’s the Feminine. That’s feeling the divine in manifestation, incarnation. The love most parents have for their child, even throughout the child’s life, is the pure expression of the Feminine divine.


Tom: Like my wife loving me.


Yeshua: Yes, that’s another form. It’s why, in your world, there’s such an incredible drive for relationship and union with a partner. That’s one of the most powerful ways human beings experience the Feminine divine—as love.


Yet without the partnering of the Masculine divine—the pure consciousness, the freedom, the state of already being liberated— the Feminine, in and of itself, isn’t sufficient. You see, the Feminine is the essence of change. The Feminine is always changing. Your partner is always changing, your children are always changing, the weather is always changing, and Earth is always changing. The Feminine manifests as the cycle of birth, life, death, and rebirth. This can be an entire lifecycle, such as human beings go through in their lifetimes. But the cycle also occurs in every moment. When you get an idea, you’re giving birth. When you carry it out, there’s life. When you let go of it, there’s death. When it comes in a new form, it’s rebirth. Every moment can be seen as the Feminine cycle.


In contrast, the Masculine never changes. Eternity does not change. Infinity does not change. Some of your Eastern religions, such as Buddhism, refer to this, calling it the pure land—pure because it’s not involved with all the changes of manifestation.




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